Not much to say about me. As you can see from this blog I’m interested in many things.

By trade I’m and electronics engineer although I rarely practise electronics these days. I started at GEC Computers designing computer central processing units in the late 1970’s and moved to my present job in 1985. In recent years I’ve turned to software development and these days write code for embedded processors, windows, and also the web depending on my current project.

I’ve recently seriously returned to photography after many years. I originally used a Ricoh KR10, an excellent starter camera in its day. I bought a 28mm wide angle and a 210 telephoto for it. Its very old now and hasn’t been used for years.

We bought our son a Canon 450D for his 21st Birthday. This was enough to re-kindle my interest and I had to have a new camera.  I managed to buy a Canon 500D with a couple of lenses and also some kit. I’m really pleased with the results so far. My son and I have started to do photography days and weekends. We’ve also attended a couple of photography courses run by Experience Seminars. They are excellent and to be recommended.

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