Terracotta Army

Well it is time for another post and it is long overdue. I better get a move on otherwise I’ll be bumping into Christmas!

Continuing the saga of our holiday in Singapore we went to the Museum of Asia. They had an exhibition of some of the characters from the Chinese Terracotta Army – both old and new !!


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Singapore Sling

Here we are at Raffles doing the obvious tourist thing – having a Singapore Sling (actually we had a burger for lunch as well!).

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Whats going on here then?

These photos were all taken just over a week before the Singapore Grand Prix.


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Big Bird!

Yippee its holiday time and my wife and I went off to Singapore for a two week holiday visiting family. We booked this in May. Originally, we wanted to book it for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix held in September. Unfortunately getting a flight when we wanted was difficult as they were more or less fully booked. We settled for flying out two weeks  before and returning on the day of the F1 qualifying. We managed to get tickets for the Friday practice race, and then watched the race on the TV at home! The tickets cost £20 for walk-about tickets – a bargain!

We booked the flights using Singapore Airlines and arranged then to fly on the new Airbus A380, previously seen at the Farnborough Air Show last year. Here it is at Heathrow waiting to go. (Sorry it was early in the morning and a dull dull day!). On the way out we flew on the bottom deck and had a window seat more or less over the wing. On the way back we managed to get on the top deck at the rear of the plane.  Although the flights were long (numb bum!) at 13 hours out and nearly 14 hours back the flight and service were excellent and we’d definitely fly with Singapore Airlines again. (Better seating and video than the Virgin flight we took to New York earlier this year.

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A Garden Visitor

There I was washing up and I looked out the kitchen window to see this baby black bird having its tea – so I dashed off to get the camera. It looked as if it could not fly – it did not have any developed tail feathers. At first it was standing in the middle of the lawn on its own, then mother appeared with some juicy worms. It hopped about a bit and did not seem worried that the dog was in the garden. Mother kept flying off and then reappearing with food. Late in the evening they disappeared, hopefully to bed down in one of the bushes in the garden. First thing this morning baby was back in the middle of the lawn waiting for breakfast.

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Classic Lens Distortion

Here is a photo of Salisbury Cathedral showing lens distortion due to the height of the building.

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New Host

I’ve just moved to a new host. I haven’t been able to post for a while, either my old host wasn’t working or when it was it was running too slowly to use or I did not have time to post. The support was also terrible. I’d email them, a couple of hours later the site would start working again then they’d email me back indicating nothing was wrong.

Then the annual renewal notice came. That was the last straw. It was a bit of a ‘no brainer’ really – move to a new host. It’s taken a couple of weeks to do the move, I had some trouble re-registering my domain name, but the my blog is now up and running on the new host.

In the meantime my old provider is emailing me on a daily basis for the renewal. I’ve also discovered that the host went bust and has now sold out to another company – they’re wasting their time with me….

I’ve just done a software update on this site and the update went blazingly fast…

I’ll shortly be posting photos again…..

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Last Day

On the last full day of our visit we went to visit USS Intrepid a floating museum entitled the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum. It mostly displayed post war jet fighters and helicopters and of course a Concorde.

As you can see from the photos the weather was glorious, but up on the flight deck the wind was freezing!

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Around New York

Day three of our trip to New York…

We used a hop-on, hop-off tourist bus to get around Manhattan.

On Sunday it is a free for all sellers market in Union Square.

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Roof top architecture

It’s amazing what you can see from a window…..

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